Year: 2021 Country: France Duration: 4min32sec

FLOW, an aerial and symphonic journey with skier Sam Favret, in the heart of the closed resort of Chamonix, during this very special winter of 2021. A dose of unreality, serenity and Sam's powerful skiing. But above all the pleasure of rediscovering a playground back to its wild state.
Shot on Racing FPV Drone and Dji Mavic Pro 2

Making-of: https://youtu.be/L058sUzkVsg

Skier: Sam Favret - https://www.instagram.com/samfavret/

Directed by: Maxime Moulin - https://www.instagram.com/maximemoulin

Drone by: Hensli Sage - https://www.instagram.com/henslisage/

Music by: Tristan Bres - https://www.instagram.com/tristanbres/
Feat: Marielle De Rocca - https://www.instagram.com/littlelifem...

Sound Design: Mix & Mouse - https://www.instagram.com/mixetmouse

Photographer: Fabian Bodet - https://www.instagram.com/fabian_bodet/

Produced by: Sam Favret

Co-Produced by: Maxime Moulin