Freedom to Explore Ep.1 - MOUNT LOGAN

    Year: 2020 Country: Canada Duration: 13min28sec

The long time project finally came to fruition. On a two-month-long expedition surrounded by endless glaciers, our #SCOTTwinterproteam athlete Helias Millerioux and his team take us on their journey to climb the ultimate goal, Mount Logan, followed by a long and crazy ride on a rafting boat through the notorious Columbia River.
#SCOTTSports #FreedomToExplore
Location: Alaska USA/ British Columbia Canada
Duration: 52 days
Distance: 630km – 60km on foot, 200km on skis, 330km on pack raft

Athletes: Helias Millerioux, Thomas Delfino, Alexandre Marchessau, Gregory Douillard
Production: Invade Media