Year: 2021 Country: France Duration: 66min40sec

How can we continue to ski with our impact on the environment? Here is the question we asked ourselves with @Tony Lamiche, @Victor Galuchot, and Liv Sansoz. By dint of reflection, we found solutions that seemed relevant to our scale and we wanted to share them. All these changes have involved modifications in our daily life and in our professional life, but they have not degraded our way of practicing the mountains. We share our values ??with you through incredible ski descents, because being interested in problems is already part of the solution.

To better understand the orders of magnitude of our impacts, we carried out a carbon footprint of the film. With AirCoop, we took into account our sports and digital equipment, our movements, our food, and much more to arrive at 2.9t / eqCO2 emitted for the film.
We have offset these emissions with horizom, [] which plants giant bamboo forests in France to rapidly sequester CO2.
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Original music by Aura Shred, available on all platforms:

Based on an original idea: Gaëtan Gaudissard
Director: Alex Chambet / Gaëtan Gaudissard
Director: Gaëtan Gaudissard / Protect Our Winters France
Main cinematography: Alex Chambet
Additional cinematography: Gaëtan Gaudissard / Mathis Decroux / Victor Galuchot / Tony Lamiche / Thibaut Lachenal
Editing: Alex Chambet
Original music: Aura Shred / With the participation of Perseide
Color grading: Boris Doye
Graphics and animation: Alexis Bourgeois
Sound design: Alex Chambet
Mixture: Aura Shred
Poster: Robin Janvier
Photographs: Alex Chambet
Athletes: Gaëtan Gaudissard / Victor Galuchot / Liv Sansoz / Tony Lamiche
Participation of: Heidi Sevestre
Supported by: Protect Our Winters France / Salomon / Opinel / Haibike / Tictactrip
With the help of: Everide / Arva / Vaude / Aircoop / Horizom