Year: 2017 Country: United States Duration: 07min06s

Amo; in the native Rapa Nui Language means, to carry on ones shoulders. Easter Island is a place known the world across in myth and legend, but the people who call it home and the unique culture that they embody is often overlooked as the most valuable piece of the islands estranged story. In this short film, Heu Rapa Haoa, native born Rapa Nui and one of 800 remaining people left in the world who speak his native tongue fluently, tells his story of the island, the stone heads that brought Easter Island renowned, and in what he sees for his future and in that the future of his people the culture that defines them. Told and translated in the native Rapa Nui language. This project was produced as a part of The Celine Cousteau Film Fellowship program.